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Digital Series

Star Digital Epabx - System features :

100% non blocking
100% tone pulse switchable
100% group exchange convertibility
ASMDR - Stores upto 3,500 calls details
Abbreviated dialing (Personal / global)
Absent message texts(AMT)

Auto Answers
KTS sets can be programmed to receive/disconnect calls without pressing any key for complete automation for the user

Auto call disconnection
Every extension can be programmed for call Disconnection at different durations

Auto redial
When this feature is invoked, the engage telephone number is automatically dialled till the connection is through.

Auto call back-on extensions/trunk
Auto/manual day & night modes
Automatic Call Distribution(ACD)

Auto attendant/Multi level channels voice DISA*
The caller is guided to access the extensions directly with different messages System has 2 channels to process calls simultaneously for all the trunk lines

Battery backup(optional batteries)
Blind call transfer
Boss secretary system

Background music
System has provision to connect external music/FM/CD player to work as channel music for the organisation

Call parking
Call consult
Conference upto 3 or 8* parties
Call forwarding
For calls, if busy, if no answer
Call budgeting
Call pick up
Call privacy
Call sharing of STD / ISD
In case of outgoing call being transferred, the Cost is calculated extension wise with respect to the duration of conversation

Date & time setting

Dynamic locking of STD/ISD/Local
Each extension can have its own password to lock/open outward dialing to prevent misuse in absence.

Direct outward Station Access (DOSA)*
One can access the STD/ISD Telephone lines of EPABX from remote place for making STD/ISD calls. The authorization is maintained by password.

Emergency call
Extension DO Not Disturb(DND)
External paging

A paging amplifier can be connected to the system for various announcements in whole of the organisation

Flexible numbering plan
Follow me
Hot line on extn., trunk, external tel no. - with / without delay
Last trunk number redial
Multiple trunk grouping
Music on Hold (MOH)- External Connectivity
Printer port - In-built(serial+ parallel)
Programmable incoming ringing pattern(25 options)
Programmable class of service for trunk dialing
Power failure transfer*
Reserved trunk line
Remote programming*
Secret barge in one way
Virtual telephony

Hotel Features :

Billing printout format
Serial no.
Room no.
Guest name
Room rent
Food charges
Laundry charges
Call charges with Tel. No. & Duration
Miscellaneous charges
Advance payment
Balance payment

Call Budgeting(without computer)
Each extension can be programmed to make calls of a fixed amount and thereafter the dialing facility gets Cancelled

Check in with guest name and advance paid
Check out
Flexible numbering-Room Number wise
Hotel Management Software / Malicious call trace Connectivity*
Message Reminder
A recorded message reminds the guests to contact the reception for his/her message

Room to room barring
Room status print out
Re print of guest room bills
Room shifting
If a guest shifts from one room to another then all the Bills of the guests will shift accordingly

Storey phone
Temporary Check in / Check out
The dialing facility of the guest is removed when not in room, if desired by them
Wake up alarm with voice message*
Welcome message*

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