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Compact Series

Star Epabx Compact Series - Special features :

Extn. to extn. call
Call hold
Call transfer
Call pick up
Auto call back extn. as well as trunk
5 party conference
Direct outward dialing
Call forwarding
Follow me
Abbreviated dialing
Personal memory bank
Barge in with tone
Barge in without tone
Extension privacy
Call camp on
Call parking
Do not disturb
Wake up Alarm
Call toggle
Call waiting
Trunk flash
Emergency reporting
Boss secretary extn.
Dialled no. Transfer on CLI extn.
Forced release
Optional reservation of incoming and outgoing calls
Multiple trunk group
Hot outward dialing
Trunk queing
Last no. redial
Programming retention
Tone pulse compatible
Music on hold
Remote programming
Dynamic Lockimg
94/95/98 locks facility
Low batt. cut off
Auto day night mode RTC based
Master copy of data in NV ram
Extn. status display
Intercom CLI, if CLI instrument is connected on extn.
Call disconnector
Wall mounting
CLI facility on extn. along with transfer of CLI
Auto call transfer CLI based
Call Budgeting

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308, 412,
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309, 412,
616, 824, 832,

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72, 120, 248,
504 Ports

YL-007M2DX | YL-007M2BX